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Swine Flu Vaccine… interesting information October 21, 2009

Filed under: Healthy Living — Laura Kelly @ 12:13 pm

This video article is incredible to me.  I urge you to watch. (It is a lengthy one, but well worth your time. So carve it out maybe after the kids are in bed or something).  I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s weekly newsletter and updates. He is an advocate for wellness and I believe, truly, offers a very well-rounded view of many health issues and concerns.

I think this is very interesting.  I am not completely anti-vaccine, but I have many questions and concerns about them – due to effects on my children and my nephew.  The most important thing as parents I think we must do is THINK FOR OURSELVES — listen to both sides, don’t just let the media, or dr.’s tell us what to do for our kiddos.  I like to believe that I approach most areas of my life this way.  I don’t believe what a pastor preaches on Sunday just because I like him, what he says evokes some kind of emotion in me, or it “seems” to make sense … rather, I look in God’s Word to see what it says and ask the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and conclusions.  Even in dealing with my own children, it’s crystal clear that what works for one usually, almost always, does not work for the other because they are different people and they process the world differently filtered through their personalities and experiences.  Just like all of us do.

So, I’m just sayin’… just keep an open mind and REALLY CHECK OUT ALL THE INFORMATION!!  We have so much information at our fingertips thanks to the internet and various social media resources. I believe that is a gift. Granted, too much information can also be overwhelming, but we are blessed to have it.  We can make very educated and informed decisions in a completely different way than was available not very long ago. So many people speaking up, from all areas of expertise and various “places” in life, just, in my humble opinion, cannot be totally off base.

There is something to all of this.

I’m just sayin’…


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