delighted heart

. . . proof that delight in the Lord uncovers the desires of the heart

Me May 11, 2009

My BeautiesLover of God, wife to one – for 11 years, and mother of 3 amazing little people!

I appreciate a good cry and I love to laugh out loud – those two things together equal my favorite moment suspended in time!(especially with a great girlfriend over a cuppa coffee, chai, or sweet tea!)  I am amazed by how much God loves me even when I can’t love myself…watching the Beauty come out of the Ashes!  I cherish my friendships as true and perfect gifts from Above.  I want to do life with people – deeply and in community – take off the mask!!

The desire of my heart was truly realized through marriage and motherhood…I embrace being a woman…I am passionate about discovering God’s purpose and design for the family. Definitely an advocate for children and teens… we’ve got to do better! I want to BE with my children in the present moment and enjoy the freedom of an abundant life! That abundant life is full of really great stuff and some yucky stuff too, but I want to leave a legacy of Love and Grace through my redemption story.


One Response to “Me”

  1. Darcie Allen Says:

    I am new at this….not sure if what I say goes out to “blog land” or not. I want to encourage you (not sure if I should mention your name).
    I have thought to myself that you would be a great writer. I am happy to see that you are sharing all those wonderful, honest thoughts with us.
    I know your heart, and it is good.
    Enjoy the ride you are on with new venture.
    Once I know how it works, I may be inclined to write again.
    Love you!!

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